Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven

August 15th is a special day in the Catholic Church because it is the day we celebrate Mary the Mother of Jesus being carried body and soul into heaven.  Mary, the Mother of Jesus, lived her life in complete union with the Blessed Trinity.  God’s will was her soul’s delight.  She is the most faithful disciple of her Son and she is Mother to all God’s children.

For Sisters of the Resurrection the feast of the Assumption is a very special day as this is the date that most of the Sisters pronounced their vows.  On the feast of the Assumption all of us will renew our Vows and like Mary commit our hearts and lives to God.  We pray that we may serve God well and draw others to love Him.


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  1. May each one of you truly celebrate your “yes” to God! May He shine through in all that you are and all that you do! You are in my prayers!
    Sr. Danielle

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