A Call to Religious Life

A Call to Religious Life


Do you think joining the Sisters of the Resurrection may be the right decision for you?

  • Have you ever felt a “tug” to do something different?
  • Have you ever had the desire to try and bring hope to a world so much in need of hope?
  • Have you ever felt that God may be calling you to religious life?

Throughout our lives we are always answering God’s call – to life, to life in communion with Christ in Baptism, and to witness to Him in our chosen lifestyle. A call to religious life feels different for everyone – it can be a subtle, persistent desire to find more meaning in your life, or it can be a very definite knowing that you are meant to serve God. Each woman’s decision and path to becoming a sister is unique.

When you join the Sisters of the Resurrection, you become part of a community of religious women dedicated to transforming society through prayer and service. If you feel that joining the Sisters of the Resurrection is the right decision for you, we encourage you to contact us.