“Becoming a member of the Sisters of the Resurrection is a gradual process that helps a woman evaluate her vocation to the religious life. There are five phases:”

Affiliate Program:

This is a period of a minimum of four months when you live with the sisters yet continue in your own job. During this time, you experience the community and prayer life of the sisters. There are regular meetings with the vocation directress in order to learn more about the congregation.


This is a period of six months to two years during which you live with the sisters to experience the life while not formally being a part of the congregation. As a postulant, you continue your regular job while receiving spiritual, religious and theological training.


This is a two-year period during which you receive intensive formation in religious life, learning the spirit and charism of the community. As a novice, you take part in inter-community classes with novices of other congregations. You live the life of a religious without professing vows. At the end of this period, you pronounce your vows for one year.

Temporary Profession:

This is a time during which you profess your vows annually. During this time, you may continue your education or begin serving in ministry. This period can last from four to six years.

Final Profession:

From final vows onward, you live a life in service to God. Through community life, prayer and ministerial work, you strengthen your relationship with Christ, serve His people and strive to be an example of God’s love.