Lay Associates

Lay Associates


Apostles of the Resurrection The Sisters of the Resurrection work closely with lay people in all areas of their ministry around the world. Women who are interested in sharing the Resurrection charism and mission without becoming a vowed member of the congregation may consider a lay associate membership as an Apostle of the Resurrection.

What do Apostles of the Resurrection do? Apostles of the Resurrection live the Resurrection spirituality of daily dying and rising with Christ in a variety of areas related to their lay vocation. There currently are more than 300 Apostles worldwide dedicated to furthering the mission of the spiritual transformation of society through practices including:

  • Prayer
  • Ongoing personal conversion and participation in Catholic family life
  • Caring for the elderly, sick, poor and neglected
  • Working in educational, health care and other professional ministries
  • Supporting local parish activities
  • Participating in liturgical ministries, retreats and other activities

How do I become an Apostle of the Resurrection? Candidates for the Apostles of the Resurrection participate in a spiritual orientation process that includes regular gatherings or correspondence with the program directress, personal and shared prayer, conferences and speakers, charitable service and an annual retreat. The orientation lasts for at least one year, at which time you make your Promise of Commitment to live according to The Rule of the Apostles. The Sisters of the Resurrection offer ongoing spiritual support to the Apostles of the Resurrection to deepen and enhance their contemplative-active lifestyle.


Contact Apostles Directress

Sister Hedwig Kuczynski, C.R.,
Sister Maria Marta Kurpiewska, C.R.
7260 W. Peterson Avenue, Suite #216
Chicago, IL 60631