Prayer Ministry

“We strive to combine the external activity of our life with a deep spirit of prayer so that prayer may become our life, and our life a prayer.” (Constitutions #39)

After Mass or in the supermarket or at the mall, people often stop the sisters to share their stories of illness or hardship, and to ask us to pray for them, for a loved one, or for a special intention. Throughout our lives, our prayer is not only a personal relationship with God, but a ministry of intercession for the needs of others.

While many sisters are involved in direct ministry to others, our sisters who reside at the Queen of the Resurrection House of Prayer participate in the apostolic ministry of the Sisters of the Resurrection primarily through their prayers and suffering.

"Regardless of the tasks we perform, all of us -- including the sick, suffering and elderly sisters -- participate in the apostolic mission of the Congregation in the Church. With our love, prayer, work and suffering, we will encompass all people and the needs of the whole world." (Constitutions #80)

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