The Mystical Rose Tree Rosary

Thursday, April 28, 2016

 The Mystical Rose Tree Rosary
Easter, Day 33

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort 1673 –1716) is famous for fostering devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  He was born in France, raised on a farm and became acquainted with local priests who inspired him with a desire to be a missionary and with a devotion to Mary. He was educated in Paris in the renowned Seminary of Saint-Sulpice.  He became the librarian there and spend much time studying about the Blessed Mother.  He was ordained in 1700 and became an iterant preacher.  He joined the Third order of Dominicans and began preaching on the rosary and forming confraternities of persons who prayed the rosary. One of these became a religious community called the Company of Mary. He was instrumental in forming two other religious congregations.  He went to Rome to seek the advice of the Holy Father,  Pope Clement XI about what to do with his life.  The pope told him to continue to be a missionary and conferred on him the honorary title of “missionary apostolic.”  He wrote poetry and books.  One of his most famous books is The Secret of the Rosary,  St. Dominic is known for introducing the Rosary.   Blessed Alan de la Roche was responsible for preaching it in the 15th century and St. Louis renewed devotion to it in the 17th Century and 18th centuries.

The editors of his books describes how he thought about the rosary in this way:
“For our saint, the Rosary was not simply a method of prayer; it was his most effective tool and weapon in his apostolic work.
Fittingly has the Church called him an “Extraordinary preacher of the Rosary.” He preached it in season and out of season; established it in every parish where he gave a mission and judged the fruits of the mission by the subsequent perseverance in its recitation. There was no limit to the power of the Rosary and to it he attributed much of his success with sinners.”

In The Secret of the Rosary, Louis refers to the rosary in terms of a Mystical Rose Tree and describes the  power and effects of the rosary in 50 different ways, referring to the 50 Hail Mary’s in the rosary.   This is one of his reflections
“No one could help admiring the beauty of the Holy Rosary which is made up of two heavenly things:  the Lord’s Prayer and the Angelic Salutation.  How could there possibly be any prayers more pleasing to Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin, or any that are easier, more precious or more helpful than these two prayers?  We should always have them in our hearts and on our lips to honor the Most Blessed Trinity, Jesus Christ our Savior, and His Most Holy Mother.
    Louis, Marie de Montfort-  “The Secret of the Rosary”

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