Fisher of men

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

 Fisher of men
Easter, Day 17

Last Sunday, the Risen Lord gave the Apostles a large  catch of fish but at the same time called them to breakfast on the shore and changed their fishing profession to be one of fishers of men.   The saint today, St. Zeno of Verona (c 371), is a bishop and is depicted with either a fish or a fishing rod.  Some historians say that he is so depicted because of his love for fishing, but others affirm that he was, indeed, a bishop who was a fisher of men.  Zeno was a native of Africa and became bishop of Verona, Italy at a time when the Arian heresy was a serious factor in the church  (250-336).  ( Arianism is a nontrinitarian belief that asserts that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, created by God the Father, distinct from the Father and therefore subordinate to the Father.) His preaching was so enticing that his cathedral had to be expanded to accommodate the crowds of catechumens that came into the Church.

Let us pray
Loving Father,
Through the intercession of Saint Zeno of Verona,
make me a teacher of your truth through word and holy witness.
May the net I drop into the sea of my life
Be filled with people who are drawn to you
by your Spirit in me. 

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