Do you love me?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

 Do you love me?
Easter 3rd Sunday

In his commentary on this, the third Sunday of Easter, the theologian, John Shea points out that
The last time Jesus was by the Sea of Tiberius was during his earthly life. He fed the disciples and a large crowd with “five barley loaves and two fish.”  This action was a sign…Jesus was giving himself to them through the bread and fish.  He was showing himself as the sustaining source of spiritual life.

Now, in today’s gospel he is by the Sea of Tiberius a second time, and, once again, he will feed his disciples with bread and fish.  His resurrection presence will perform the same act as his earthly presence.  He will show himself as the spiritual source that sustains life.”

Whereas, the first time the disciples didn’t “get it.”   This time they do get it and the first reading shows how they now understand the message and the mission and witness to the risen Christ at the risk of their own lives.

Even so, it was not immediately clear to them.  Peter, who announced that he was “going fishing.” was going to pursue his profession as a fisherman not at all understanding his call to be “fisher of men”.  In his dialogue with the risen Lord, he finally understood the power and the call of Jesus in his life and gave himself totally to his new profession- to be an apostle.

The question that the risen Lord asked Peter is the same question that we want to reflect on for ourselves today.  DO YOU LOVE ME? 

As we participate in this Eucharist, we are invited to remember that this is the same bread that was served at the Sea of Tiberius first to the large crowd and then to the apostles.  Let us  allow it to nourish us in our risen life.

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