“I do.”

Saturday, March 26, 2016

 “I do.”
Holy Saturday

We have spent lent reflecting on our faith life by entering into the journey provided by the liturgy of these 40 days.  As we renew our baptismal promises today, we will say “I do.”  In a wedding, the couple each say “I do” to spending their lives together, growing in love, and being faithful to their promises.  Our “I do” this Saturday is a renewal of our promise to accept the kingship of Jesus—not as the monarchies in our cultures, but as Shepherd King; and, to do our part in bringing about the Kingdom that Jesus spoke about that is not of this world.  In the coming year, strengthened by our renewal in the paschal mystery of this lent and Easter, we are called to live in the world and help to transform it into the Kingdom.  I do believe!  I do promise!  I do will!   I do the loving thing. 

Holy Saturday is like being in “liminal space.”  That means the crucial in-between time when nothing appears to be happening, but everything is happening.  It’s like when the seed is in the ground but you don’t see anything happening.  It is like when the cake is baking and you can’t see the changes taking place under the crust.  You can’t just jump from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, there must be a Saturday.   Richard Rohr reminds us that “even the dead body of Jesus rests on Saturday, waiting for God to do whatever God plans to do.  Much of our lives are in liminal space.  From day to day, we can’t identify what God is doing in our lives.  We say “I  do” and trust God to make his kingdom out of our lives. 

Our small acts of “I do” will definitely change our world as we make our way through our daily risen life into resurrection and glory.

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