Supreme Sacrifice

Friday, March 18, 2016

 Supreme Sacrifice
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
Lent. day 38

St. Cyril of Jerusalem (315?-386) lived at the time the Arian heresy was a factor in the Church.  He was raised and educated in Jerusalem and was consecrated a bishop there.  However he actually served as the bishop only about half the time because the other half he was  exiled because accused of being an Arian.  When he finally came back to Jerusalem, he found it torn with heresy, schism, strife and crime. He may seem far removed from us but  he attended the 2nd   ecumenical  Council of Constantinople   where our current form of the Nicene Creed was promulgated and he accepted the word consubstantial (that is, of Christ and the Father.)   In our own day this word has been  just recently replaced in the canon of the mass.      

Today is also National Supreme Sacrifice Day, a day that recognizes the ultimate sacrifice made by some for the good of others. History is filled with examples of  people who offered the supreme sacrifice for other people.

Jesus Christ gave the supreme sacrifice when he died on the cross for us.

Soldiers in battle gave their lives to protect our freedom, our way of life, and to keep us safe.

Fireman and police officers have given their lives in the line of duty, while saving and/or protecting people.

More often than you think, a young man or a young women caught up in a love triangle, gives up the chase for the sake of their loved one.
St. Cyril was not a martyr, but he did give up his whole life to promote the Christ who did make the supreme sacrifice of his life and whose supreme sacrifice we are honoring this lent and in whose sacrifice  we participate daily.

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