If I go from this earth, my soul will live

Monday, March 14, 2016

 If I go from this earth, my soul will live
St. Maximilian
Lent, day 34

Today’s saint, St. Maximilian (d. 295) lived in modern day Algeria, in North Africa, at the end of the 3rd century. He was required to enlist in the Roman army but refused to do so because of his Christian beliefs.  When told other Christians were serving in the army, he said that’s their business but he cannot do the evil things that are required of soldiers ” because I am a soldier of Christ and in the army of God.”   He was told that “you must serve or die.”   And he said, “I shall not die. If I go from this earth, my soul will live with Christ my Lord.”
Maximilian was 21 years old when he  offered his life to God. His father went home from the execution site joyful, thanking God that he had been able to offer heaven such a gift.
In the first reading today.  Susanna was falsely accused of wrongdoing and was rescued by Daniel who had the wisdom and courage to challenge the accusers who, then, suffer the fate they envisioned for Susanna

  In the Gospel reading, Jesus testifies for himself and relies on the testimony of his Father even though he does not convince the Pharisees that he is the “Light of the World.”

The psalm response today is “Even though I walk in the dark valley I fear no evil; for you are at my side.”

As we live out our lives today
there will surely be opportunities through what we hear, see, or experience,
that will call us to witness to our faith.
We probably will not be given the option of “serve or die”
but there are persons who are being given options like this in the country of Maximilian.
and how is it that we can witness to our faith in our time and place.

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