The Lord has done great things for us

Sunday, March 13, 2016

 The Lord has done great things for us
Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today is the 5th. Sunday of Lent. Although we usually think of lent as being primarily penitential, if we examine the liturgical texts carefully, we see as much a call to rejoice as to repent.

The prophesy of Isaiah for example, describes the Lord as ”opening a way for us” as leading us out. The Lord says, “I am doing something new “I am making a way for my people “that they might praise me. The psalm response echoes the good news proclaiming; “The Lord has done great things for us, we are filled with joy.

In the Second Reading, Saint Paul revels in being a person that Jesus Christ has “taken possession of “He rejoices in the righteousness his faith gives to him  and in the power of the resurrection within him which helps in overcoming his sufferings.

Today’s Gospel, however, has the most poignant example of what it means for God to “make all things new.” The Scribes and the Pharisees present a women, who according “to the old way,“ deserves to be stoned.
Jesus responded by “doing something new”, He didn’t answer them directly, but began to write in the sand. He causes the accusers to turn their accusations on themselves, He forgives the women. He exhorted her to behave in a new way: “to sin no more,” as a result of this, she was filled with much joy.

In all three readings, Jesus sets a good example for us, to be more compassionate and understanding of one another, and much more forgiving of each other rather condemning. As the Lord had done great things for us, we can do great things for one another.

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