Let it be done to me

Friday, March 11, 2016

Let it be done to me
National Catholic Sisters Week
Day 4

The Annunciation comes in March and that is one of the special feasts of the Sisters of the Resurrection
Here is a reflection used by the sisters in preparation for the feast that reflects the calls of Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother Hedwig Borzecka.
Mary was chosen and called by the Father to become the Mother of His Son; Hedwig Borzecka was chosen and called to be the Spouse of Jesus Christ, daughter of the Heavenly Father and the twofold daughter of her natural mother, Mother Celine Borzecka, in the establishment of the congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection.

Mary said, I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done as you say. With these words Mary accepted fully with complete dedication and love the vocation to the way of life to which God had called her. Her nly desire was to understand the Will of God in order to fulfill it and to adapt herself to it most perfectly.

Before deciding to join her mother in the establishment of the Congregation of the sisters of the Resurrection, Hedwig made a retreat with Father Semenenko, a Resurrection priest who was their spiritual director. He wrote in his journal: There was a long, and by Gods grace a decisive, conversation with Hedwig about her dedication to Jesus in the religious life. This talk was characterized by the grace and presence of Jesus. In the end, Mother Hedwig said, Be it done. I give myself to the Lord. With these words, Hedwig, too, desired only to do the Will of God. She wanted to serve Jesus completely and forever. It was the Feast of the
Annunciation, 1881.

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