Sisters of the Resurrection

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sisters of the Resurrection
National Catholic Sisters Week
Day 3

Each congregation of Catholic Sisters has a statement of their purpose and charism
This is the statement of purpose and charism for the sisters of the Resurrection

God who is love and who loved us first,
called us to perfect love in this Congregation
so that by our reciprocal love for Him and, flowing from it,
our love for all, especially our sisters, we may fulfill the New Law of Christ.

We are to draw others to love God
above all by the example of our lives dedicated completely to Christ
And through our apostolic ministry.

The basis of the spirituality of the congregation is the Paschal Mystery of Salvation.
By His death on the cross, Christ overcame death;
by his rising He restored life.

We trust and firmly believe that,
through Christ’s power and out of love for Him,
we too will be able to die to self
and become partakers of that new, true and everlasting life
which he gives to all who rise with Him.

The spirituality of the Congregation
is summarized in the words engraved on our profession cross
“Through the cross and death to resurrection and glory.”
Constitutions of the Sisters of the Resurrection

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