Let your light shine

Sunday, March 06, 2016

 Let your light shine
Lent- 4th Sunday

The gospel today tells the story of the man born blind who was given sight by Jesus.  The Lenten liturgies are designed to help us see the truth of Jesus better and better.  The liturgy today asks us to grapple with a central truth and fundamental gift from God the revelation about who God is and who we are in relation to him.  Before we accepted the faith, we were like the blind man.  Hopefully, like the blind man, we grow in faith. First the blind man didn’t know who Jesus was;  then he calls Jesus a prophet;  at the end he knows him as Lord. 

Today is the anniversary of the death of Sister Anne Strzelecka, the sister who was the leader of the first group of Resurrection sisters who came to the United States.  When Sister Anne came to settle on the property in that is now our provincial home,, there was hardly anyone else here. From the very beginning, through the witness of the Sisters of the Resurrection in this area of Illinois,  the light of God’s word permeated the people who came to live here..  Even as we grew and developed in our own faith—even as we begin to see more and more clearly our call and our ministry—the vision of the people in this Norwood Park area and eventually in a large part of the Chicago area was enhanced by our ministry.

Sister Anne and our first sisters answered the invitation to “let your light shine.”  In the gospel, Jesus makes clay out of the earth to open the eyes of the blind man.  This is reminiscent of God creating a human being from the earth’s soil.  The ashes with which we begin lent reminds us of our origin even as the light reminds us of our destiny. 

We pray that our gathering at the liturgy today open us to the blessings of God even as, the first reading tells us, the spirit of God “rushed upon David” at his anointing. Our foundress, Mother Celine, challenged us to “be one.”  Through our liturgy today, may we all grow in the spirit of the resurrection and in appreciation of the light brought into the world by each one of us- making us one.

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