Through the cross and death to resurrection and glory

Saturday, March 05, 2016

 Through the cross and death to resurrection and glory
Sister Anne Strzelecka , C,R,

Today is the death anniversary of Sister Anne Strzlecka, who was the leader of the first group of Resurrection Sisters who came to America. She died in 1934.  She was a most loveable and remarkable person, and by her life witnessed to the risen life through the cross and death to resurrection and glory.  

This is a “letter” composed of excerpts from actual letters written by her and from the sisters’ memories of her

Dear Sisters:
                Thank you for your thoughts and your prayers.
                I worry about each one of you who is sick and ask God’s blessing on each of you.
                The sisters here are doing God’s work amid hardships but with great joy and are a constant source of delight for me. They say:  “The harder the better because it comes from the hands of Jesus”.  We are learning together that “God alone suffices”.  
                You know what I want for you and for the community- that one thing that is necessary:  that you be saints, quiet saints, workers for God’s greater glory, for the benefit of souls and to maintain unity and love in the work that you are doing.
                Study diligently and take advantage of every educational opportunity as a gift from God.  Enjoy all that God sends your way.  Serve one another in gladness. Make the best of everything that happens.  There are no pure accidents in this life. Everything comes from God’s hands.  Our rough ways are smoothed by rubbing against one another.
Be kind and trust one another. It is my greatest joy to know that God’s glory is increasing, that souls are being sanctified and that the sisters live in unity and love.
                Devoted in the Sacred Heart.
                Sister Anne, C.R. 

Exerpt from the reading of today from Hosea
Let us know, let us strive to know the LORD;
as certain as the dawn is his coming,
and his judgment shines forth like the light of day!
He will come to us like the rain,
like spring rain that waters the earth.”

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