Rising up and going forward

Monday, February 29, 2016

 Rising up and going forward
Lent, Day 20

Today’s gospel has Jesus speaking in Nazareth about a prophet not being accepted by the people he has grown up with.  Apparently, they wanted him to perform some healings for them but it didn’t happen  because they didn’t believe in him.   They wanted to show him their disagreement by throwing him down the hill of the town but he slipped away.   You can imagine how sad he was that the people he grew up with didn’t appreciate his message.    In a reflection about this, Mother Mary Francis, a Poor Clare abbess in the Monastery of Guadalupe in Roswell, New Mexico, described Jesus’ reaction to this as a teaching for us to show us how to handle our disappointments in life by rising above them in a reflection entitled “Rising Up and Going Forward.”

From the fall of Adam and Eve there has been the tendency in human nature
To be envious, to be jealous, to be unwilling to accept the greatness of others,
for fear it would diminish oneself.
But it is not a very frequent thing that your fellow townspeople
Should want to throw you over the brow of the hill.
Since Jesus was perfectly human, he felt this more deeply than any of us ever could.
He was rejected by his own townspeople, whom he had come to save.
He rose out of this.  
He simply passed through their midst.
I think we can truly say he used this divine power to pass through their midst
With a very aching human heart.
He had to make an effort to rise.  
We want to reject all of those spiritual enemies that want to throw us from the brow of the hill.
We want to be like our Jesus in that we rise again,
We leave the field of temptation and rise in his victory….

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