Re-think; re-commit; proclaim

Friday, February 26, 2016

 Re-think; re-commit; proclaim
Lent, day 17

In today’s reading from Genesis, His brothers sell Joseph, their youngest brother, as a slave for a pittance of 20 pieces of silver because they were jealous of their Father’s affection for Joseph and God’s call of him. Later, Joseph becomes their savior.  This lent we commemorate God’s call of his Son Jesus.  One of his disciples “sells” him for a pittance of 30 pieces of silver because the message of Jesus about  the Kingdom was not what his disciple wanted to hear.  The message in the gospel today could just as well have been spoken to Judas.   “I say to you, the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit.”  This is a time for us to re-think our expectation of the kingdom,  to re-commit ourselves to the Kingdom that has been proclaimed by the Son and proclaim our Savior by our lives.

Gospel verse for today
“God so loved the world
That he gave his only-begotten son;
So that everyone who believes in him might have eternal life.”

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