Not power but loving service.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Not power but loving service.
Lent, day 15

In todayís gospel,† Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem with the twelve disciples and he tells them that he will suffer, be killed and rise from the dead. Amazingly, the disciples were not so concerned for Jesus as they were for their own place in the Kingdom.†† However, Jesus lets them know that, in his Kingdom, it is not power that reigns but loving service.

The Kingdom of God is where humanity is in a state of grace
And all things move in divine order.
Human needs are met by Godís abundance,
Human limitations are dissolved by Godís power,
human rashness is tamed by Godís disciplineó
All this is part of the Kingdom of God.
It is a quickening in our innermost heart,
Passing from person to person.
It is a silent grace which nevertheless gives impetus to word and deed;
It exists both as an action and an order.
Fr. Alfred Delp, S.J.

It wasnít until after the resurrection that the disciples ďgot it.Ē
Lent is our time to "get it."†

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