Focus appropriately on our call and our destiny

Sunday, February 21, 2016

 Focus appropriately on our call and our destiny
Lent 2nd Sunday

The gospel on this Sunday, the second Sunday of lent is about the transfiguration of Jesus. From ashes to the transfiguration is about as far apart as anything could be.  Yet, the transfiguration of Jesus, “his face shining like the sun”  “his clothes white as light” His name being spoken by God from a bright cloud are appropriate to us who are made of dust and ashes, because they speak of our destiny.

The voice spoke saying “this is my beloved son.  Listen to him.”  Listening to him is precisely what we want to do during today’s liturgy and all through lent.  If we listen to him, internalize his commands and live according to them, we shall take our own place as sons and daughters of God.  Our faces will shine like the sun, we will be clothed in light and we shall abide in a land of brightness and beauty.

The reading from Genesis tells of the beginning of our call to be children of God who made a covenant with Our father, Abraham.  God used symbolism that Abraham could relate to in the forms of sacrifice and fire.

In the second reading, St. Paul reminds the Philippians that we are citizens of heaven and God will change our bodies to conform with his glorious body. It is this same Jesus whose sacrifice is renewed on the altar at our liturgy today.  It is this same Jesus who remains with us in the tabernacle to be available to us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  It is this same Jesus who is represented by the community of brothers and sisters who are gathered to worship today. It is this same Jesus Who will enter into communion with each of us, inspirit our own bodies and direct us through our Lenten journey to our new Easter Life. 

Today, we are invited to focus both on our dust and ashes, our sins and weaknesses, but
also focus appropriately on our call and our destiny.

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