Heart of the Matter

Friday, February 19, 2016

Heart of the Matter
Lent, day 10

What is very important in health care always, but especially these days, is the patient experience.  Recently, there was  a story published about an artist that had a great experience at Presence Saint Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center.  He was so grateful that he donated a number of his art pieces to the hospital.  

At one time I  got a letter of appreciation from a family to pass on to the Presence health care facility at which their loved one was being taken care of.  The letter was signed by three members of a family in appreciation for the care their mother was receiving. These are some lines of thoughts in the letter that I am editing in such a way that everyone could feel this letter was addressed to them.

We are writing you this letter to express our utmost gratitude for the heavenly care that our mom is receiving at your facility.
Soon after mom was admitted, we felt a sense of calm and comfort
that she was receiving even better care and attention than she was in her own home.

Our regular visits have enabled us to witness and learn from the staff’s amazing patience, care and love for our mother.
We believe that we have become better children and people because of our experience with you.
From the minute we walk through our front door, we feel a sense of peace, everyone on your team is amazing—
the ladies who greet us at the front desk;  the food service and janitorial personnel, the care providers, the volunteers; management and the sisters.
Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you….from the bottom of our hearts. 
Alan, Susan and Terry

This letter touches the Heart of the Matter. God’s love, shared with us through his Son, empowers all of us to understand and to do the loving thing— expressed in our every word, smile, or touch;  our every thoughtful deed, compassionate act, and  friendly welcome. The mission of Presence Health comes from the Great Commandment: You shall love the lord your God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength AND your neighbor as yourself. This is what permeates the elements of Catholic Health Care, the sponsor expectations, the mission, vision and core values, our transformational leadership attributes and behaviors, our standards of excellence, our pillars and measure of success and which drives our strategic plan.  The great commandment is our bottom line- which today, we are reflecting on as the heart of the matter.

Let us pray
Good and gracious God,
We come together
To celebrate our common call
To participate in the healing work of Jesus,
Our Lord, our Savior and our Brother.

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