Godís will for our world

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Godís will for our world
1st Sunday of Lent 2016
World Marriage Day††

In the first reading from Deuteronomy, the Israelites are shown how to thank God for their deliverance.†† In the gospel, Jesus is tempted by the devil to assert the Devil as head over the Kingdom.† In the letter to the Romans, Paul† affirms that all generations, including ours, needs to affirm the God whom Jesus revealed to us.†

Today is also World Marriage Day, (2nd Sunday of February) a day that calls us to live our lives by doing the loving thing that Jesus revealed to us by revealing to us that God is love. In 1983, World Marriage day was designated as a day to honor the husband and wife as the head of the family, the basic unit of society.† Today we can relate this to the gospel by affirming that we live in the Kingdom of God and in this Kingdom, it is Godís will that the husband and wife† be head of the families that fulfill Godís will for our world.

Family Prayer

God made us a family
We need one another
We love one another
We forgive one another
We worship together
Together we use Godís word
Together we grow in Christ
Together we love all men
Together we serve our God
Together we hope for Heaven
These are our hopes and ideals
Help us to attain them,
O God. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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