Health Care

When Sister Anne Strzelecka bought the Sisters of the Resurrection’s second parcel of land in 1920, she predicted that someday a hospital would be built on the site. Her prediction came true in 1953 with the opening of Resurrection Hospital.

Resurrection Hospital, our first formal entry into the health care ministry, came in response to community need. At that time, there was no hospital in our neighborhood on Chicago’s Northwest side. The people of the area came to us to ask if the Sisters of the Resurrection could help.

As Sisters of the Resurrection, caring for the sick has long been an integral part of our work. Whether in hospitals, nursing homes or other settings, assisting with physical healing fits with our goal of helping people through their pain and suffering to a feeling of peace.

Today, the Sisters of the Resurrection are co-sponsors (along with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth ) of Resurrection Health Care, the largest Catholic health care system in Chicago, which includes hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement centers, immediate care centers, community clinics and more. Sisters perform ministerial work within Resurrection Health Care as well as in other settings where our assistance can bring benefit.