Mission Statement

We, the Sisters of the Resurrection of the Immaculate Conception Province, declare that as contemplative-active women, our mission is to proclaim the transforming power of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ to a broken world, and to hasten the transformation of society through our witness to the Paschal Mystery in our various ministries.

Nourished by our community living, we live according to the mind and heart of the Church as we respond to the needs of each time and circumstance. Wherever we minister, each one of us, empowered by the Risen Christ, causes a rippling effect in the wider society.

Resurrection Moment

Through our ministries, the Sisters of the Resurrection seek to help others transform occasions in their lives from loss to gain, from despair to hope, from sadness to joy. We refer to these transformations as Resurrection Moments and over the years have acknowledged individuals whose example and leadership have helped others overcome a loss or tragedy. Among those we have acknowledged are:

Terry Anderson, journalist and hostage: After more than six years of torture and cruelty, Anderson was able to forgive his captors, acting out of the belief that God wants us to forgive others.

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, former President of the United States and his wife: The Carters created the Carter Center to promote peace and prevent human suffering, especially towards the prevention of Guinea worm disease and river blindness, that has given relief to countless individuals and families.

Diane Latiker, a good neighbor:  Latiker began the “Kids Off the Block” anti-violence program to call attention to and help neighborhood disadvantaged children by mobilizing the community to lift them out of despair and into a better life.

Ann Landers, advice columnist: For years Landers encouraged her millions of readers to reconcile their differences with others and to become instruments of peace.

Oprah Winfrey, talk show host: Winfrey used her celebrity  status to encourage Random Acts of Kindness as a transformational opportunity for both the doer and the recipient.

Resurrection Moment

Life is filled with mystery.

On the one hand,
there is brokenness and pain, suffering and death;
on the other hand,
there is healing, peace, ecstasy and resurrection.

We believe the Good News:
that God sent His Son to become human like us.
He lived the same mysterious life that we live;
He suffered as we do and He died as we will;
but, He arose from the dead.

Because of God’s breaking into our lives in this way,
we can be confident that
there is always more healing than there is hurt;
there is more comfort than sorrow;
there is more light than darkness;
and there is more life than death.

We believe that the mysteries in our lives have a share in the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ and that we both experience death-to-resurrection moments in our own lives and help others through their brokenness, pain and suffering to a resurrection moment.

We see, in the events of your life, what we recognize as a resurrection moment, the bursting forth, out of darkness, confusion and pain, an outpouring of tremendous energy, grace, insight, love, creativity and peace.

Know that the mystery of your life has touched and made you special to the Sisters of the Resurrection.